img-ambiente01In recent years, the success of biomass products, mainly pellets and wood, has raised many controversies carried on by fossil fuel lobbies that have seen a considerably reduction of their market share.

The focus of discussion concern CO2 emissions, the pellet and wood lower price is infact beyond question.
Let us try to clarify this issue.
The combustion of biomass, as opposed to fossil fuels, introduced into the atmosphere the same amount of CO2 that the biomass has absorbed during its life cycle.
To synthetize, the environmental impact of biomass fuel is 0!



Anyway, it is true that the old generation of fireplaces and wood stoves generates fine dust and monoxyde (CO) and moreover the performances of these products are also negative.

StufeMalavolta mission is to develop efficient products thanks to the use of the most advanced technology. This continuous research allow the creation of products that do not pollute the environment.

All Malavolta products respect the strictest European regulations.



All Malavolta pellet stoves have the following set of components: ceramic resistance, air-proofing, -air-tight system with external air intake, C probe into combustion chamber etc.
No compromise, one goal: maximum respect for the environment.