Design and technology,
quality and functionality, tradition and innovation: in this way the products of Stufemalavolta are created.

Several years of experience
in design and metal processing

In 1973 Antonio Malavolta founded CAM, a company specialized in metal capentry.
Thanks to passion, creativity and innovation this craft workshop become a leading company with international collaborations.

When Ivan, Antonio’s son, entered the company, he helped to create a successful brand: Stufe Malavolta.

This brand is characterized by a strong focus on quality, all products are made in Italy.
All products are made with the best components to ensure safety and reliability, the highest performances, durability and respect for the environment.

The full range of products Malavolta have successfully passed the certification tests with excellent results in terms of performances and pollution load in compliance with the most strict European regulations.

Quality is our goal and your satisfaction is our mission.
Anyone who buys a product Malavolta decides to bring warmth and comfort in his life.