Stufemalavolta knows that to assure the maximun safety of its products it is not only necessary to be compliant with European regulations but it is also necessary to invest in research and in the development of new solutions.

One aspect on which it is important to focus is the ignition phase, infact too often this activity takes too long or there is the real risk that it fails.

To shorten the ignition time and simultaneously to make it more safe and reliable, the StufeMalavolta pellet stoves are equipped with a ceramic lighing element that guarantee excellent performances consumption.

img-sicurezza02.jpgAnother feature of StufeMalavolta pellet stoves is the presence in the combustion chamber of a kappa probe (C -probe) to read the temperature in the point the closest to the burner.
This probe communicates to the main board if and when the flame is on.

img-sicurezza03.jpgThe C-Probe thanks to the Motion System (System Analysis of the combustion air) allows the pellet stove to react on real ignition parameters.


Malavolta pellet stoves are also characterized by an air-tight system that is essential for the safe coexistence of different power generators.
It is important not to take oxygen from the atmosphere and to have an air -tight combustion chamber to avoid unpleasant smells and consequent danger for the health.


To ensure the durability of  Malavolta’s products it’s used a  double glaze.
Each wood or pellet stove has 2 glasses: the first high-strength ceramic glass is implemented on a door with double lock to guaranteed a better adhesion of the gasket (ceramic rope)

The second tempered glass with high mechanical performances guarantees a great decrease of firebox frontal temperature to prevent accident.
It’s also important to improve the design of the wood or pellet stove.

Malavolta thinks design and power are useless if it misses the maximun attention to the safety of products.

all Malavolta’s products are realized with the best components and the latest technologies without any compromise.