• All Athena Ceramic products are characterized by the mix of classic and modern style. Front cladding and half of the top part in black glass framed by panels in majolica on a steel side.

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  • Athena Ceramic stoves are available in two diffetent colours of majolica: Red and White on black steel panel. Materials and varnish guaranteed in highest quality.

  • All Athena products have an internal air-tight door guaranteed by a double lock. Under the steel burning pot (equipped with anti-smoking wing), there is a large ash drawer with hermetic seal, easy to handle and very strong.

    Thanks to the large capacity (6.5 lt) of the ash drawer and to the automatic burning pot cleaning, the stove can be used without maintenance for several days.

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  • Removing the air-tight drawer, you have access to the rear smoke exhaust chamber to clean it in a easy and quick way.

  • The integrated humidifier (optional) contributes significantly to the comfort.
    By heating with hot air you have counteless advantages (absence of condensate, mildew, etc.) but it also brings disadvantages.
    The excessive dryness of the respiratory tract is the main cause of seasonal ills that particularly affect childrens and the elderly.
    The removable and washable humidifier Stufemalavolta can be used to obtain the perfect humidity as well as to scent the home thanks to the addition of essential oils.

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All ATHENA products offer to the customers the best available technology and the best technical performances as well as a unique design.